3 Cleaning Tips From a Professional Pool and Spa Cleaning Service

Enhancing Your Summer Fun With a Clean Pool and Spa

Pools and spas are a great way to enhance your summer fun for your family and friends. However, no one wants to swim around in a dirty spa and pool. Keeping a pool and spa clean can be a hassle if you don’t have a good pool and spa maintenance schedule in place. Read on to find 3 cleaning tips from a professional pool and spa cleaning service provider that every pool and spa owner needs to know!

Keep Water Levels Balanced

Water levels are an important factor when trying to clean your pool. When water levels fluctuate too often it can throw off the chemical balance in your pool. Be sure that you are keeping your waters at the appropriate level and on a consistent basis.

Clean the Spa Filter

The spa filter is usually under the skimmer basket and can be accessed from the side of the spa, or it can be a small tank assembly that is opened up underneath the spa. You’ll need to locate it first in order to clean or replace the filter during your spa and hot tub care routine. If it’s underneath the spa, there should be a closable valve that helps prevent water from rushing out when you open the filter. Loosening a large nut or just turning the filter body counterclockwise is the usual method to access the filter cartridge. Some water spillage is inevitable when opening it up. But if done carefully, this will be very little.

Daily Skimming

It should become a daily habit to skim the debris that has collected on the top of the water in your pool. Leaves, bugs, grass, and other outdoor unpleasantries build up on top of your water and eventually sink. When leaves or other debris sink to the bottom, it will likely require scrubbing to get clean. If you are skimming daily, you won’t have such an intense clean later on. You should scrub your walls every other week at least.

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