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4 Practical Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer Season

Maintaining Your Pool Throughout Summer Season

The summer is synonymous with long, lazy days splashing around in the swimming pool. The children are happy and you too can enjoy a refreshing dip whenever the fancy takes you. Now all you need do is maintain your swimming pool throughout the summer season. Here are 4 practical pool maintenance tips!

Remove leaves

Leaves? During the summer? Yes, you read that correctly! If the weather remains extremely dry and warm for long periods, trees deploy a defense mechanism. They go into ‘Autumn mode’ prematurely, and certain species of tree can even lose up to half of their foliage. It’s therefore advisable to regularly remove leaves from your swimming pool.

Perform a weekly backwash

As you use your swimming pool more intensively in the summer, it’s more likely to get dirty. This can cause your sand filter to clog. You can prevent this by performing a regular backwash (cleaning the filter by reversing the water flow). A minor maintenance task that delivers major results!

Cover your swimming pool

The warmer weather causes swimming pool maintenance products to evaporate faster. Not planning on using your swimming pool for a while? Then cover it to reduce evaporation. This will let you save on the purchase of maintenance products. You can cover your swimming pool using a summer tarpaulin. The cover also keeps the pool water at a more constant temperature thereby preventing the water from cooling down too much.

Clean your swimming pool regularly

BOMBSHELL! Summer is the ideal time for fun and frolic with your children or friends in the swimming pool. Sounds perfect! But it also means regularly entering or exiting the swimming pool. Each time you go back in, you unwittingly carry a significant amount of dirt into the pool.

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