How to Choose a Solar Pool Heater?

Advice from Pro Swimming Pool Repair Service Experts


There are three basic types of heaters. The first one heats the water as it’s passing through dark tubes. The second heats water via a copper tube in a well insulated box. The most efficient method is the evacuated tube collectors because they can actually work well in cloudier climates as well!


  1. You need sunlight of course! If your home, or more specifically the yard is in the shade or the sun is not shining at it constantly, then you should think about it before even making such an investment.

  2. The costs are the actual interesting part here. If you have a company performing your swimming pool repair service, then you can ask them about how the numbers work out.

  3. There are complex algorithms that professionals use to determine the exact size of the solar heater that you need to install for the specifications of your yard and pool. Most often, a good measure can be 50% – 100% of the size of your pool.

  4. Figure out where to actually place the panel so that you can make the most out of the tilt and orientation.

  5. When choosing a solar heater, it’s important to learn about the energy efficiency that it will bring. This is one of the tougher subjects, but it’s worth digging into!

  6. Do not forget to check your area for any permit restrictions! This is absolutely vital, and you have to know the size or placement restrictions before you even start thinking about investing in such an asset.

If you live in Los Angeles, CA and you are planning to install a solar heater in your yard, be sure to check in with JFS Pool & Spa Service! We can give you valuable information on the matter and help you with your choice! Our swimming pool repair service is one of the finest in town, so give us a call, and you will have a trusted partner by your side.

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