Keeping Your Pools Swimmable

Why Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

Your first decision will be are you willing to take sole responsibility for your pool maintenance or do you want to hire a pool cleaning service? More and more people today are opting for hiring a pool service company so that their time in the pool is spent on enjoyment, not work. The cost to maintain a pool is often overlooked which can result in a pool getting out of balance and unhealthy for anyone using it. It can also result in pool owners giving up altogether to the point where the pool isn’t being used at all.

Basic care of your pool includes the removal of floating debris by skimming the surface with a fine net and scooping out any large debris such as leaves from the bottom of your pool. Then you will need to brush the sides of your pool and follow with vacuuming on all surfaces, including any benches, stairs, and ladders. That will take care of the visible dirt. The frequency that you need to do this will be determined by the level of use your pool receives and how much debris your pool is exposed to.

If you have large trees near your pool, you may have the challenge of pollen or leaves dropping in. Keep in mind that the more often you clean the visible debris, the easier and quicker the job can be done, and the easier it will be to keep your pool in balance.

The most complicated task will be balancing chemistry that can be manageable with a good testing kit and proper chemicals or equipment. Ensuring that all the hardware including the pump, filter, and saltwater system are running smoothly will take a bit of knowledge but keeping your pool properly balanced should ensure your system stays in great shape. You will need to check the pH of your pool at least once per week. Variables like extreme rainfall will dilute the chemicals in your pool, and hot weather will eat up the chlorine in your pool. This means you should check the water’s chemical balance. Heavy pool use, which brings in more debris and bacteria, can require extra testing.

In addition to chemistry, knowledge of your pool system, and hardware it will take a bit of elbow grease to keep your pool clean and free of dirt and debris. There are many options if you want automation of pool cleaning including in-pool floor cleaners, vacuums, and robot pool cleaners. If you prefer the hands-on approach there are many skimmers and handheld vacuums that get the job done with a bit of work.

With these being said, keeping your pool clean is a tedious job and must be done regularly. However, not everyone is blessed with the luxury of time to just do it considering you also have to tend to your home’s interior and the gardens. As such, having the help of the professionals will save you time and money as you don’t have to buy necessary equipments and chemicals which normally come in bulk. In Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, JFS Pool & Spa Service is the trusted name when it comes to pool cleaning service. Call us at (310) 693-5551 for inquiries.

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