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Pool and Spa Repair Tips

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Pool Repairs

Maintaining a pool and spa can be expensive, and when you include the cost of pool and spa repair jobs into the basic maintenance costs, the price can skyrocket. Here are four things every pool owner needs to do in order to keep things running smoothly and avoid costly repairs.

Keep the Skimmer Basket and Inline Basket Clear

One thing pool and spa owners forget to do is to empty the skimmer and inline basket. This is important during summer monsoons or late fall when the skimmer gets blocked with leaves. When these two get clogged, your equipment is forced to work harder. The harder your pumps work, the less of a lifespan they have.

Run the Pump for an Hour for Every 10 Degrees It Is Outside

This is a general rule of thumb for every pool owner, as it helps to keep the water circulating. It will also cut down on the need for making chemical adjustments because you will be regulating the flow naturally. If the water doesn’t circulate properly, you are more likely to require pool repairs.

Try Not to Backwash the Sand Filter Too Often

The best way to make sure you have the best back-wash schedule is by calling in a professional to do it for you. Most professional pool and spa services include a backwash as part of their monthly pool service plans.

Check Your Total Dissolved Solids on a Regular Schedule

Dissolved solids will need to be checked every 6 months or so. So bring your water into a professional service so they can check it for you and supply you with a plan if adjustments are deemed necessary. Some services will offer this as part of their monthly pool service program.

If you would like to discuss a pool and spa repair, please contact JFS Pool & Spa Service at (310) 693-5551 now if you live in the Los Angeles, CA region.

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