Pool Maintenance Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Dip

Clean Pool for Summer

It is incredibly calming to take a plunge in your cool swimming pool on a hot summer day. All of your family members and friends who have limits or arthritis that make it difficult for them to exercise will benefit greatly from using your pool. Maintaining your pool’s water clean and crystal clear can be made simpler by following a few pool maintenance suggestions.

Solar Rings for Warm Water

Solar rings can aid in warming the water in your pool while also lowering the amount of electricity required to maintain the desired temperature. Sun squares can be made for very little money, but commercial solar rings can be fairly expensive. PVC pipe, 90-degree elbows, pipe adhesive, and a solar blanket are all you need. To create a square form, cut your PVC pipe into four equal pieces and glue the corners together. Place a solar blanket on top of your frame and cut it inside the frame. Make puncture holes in the solar blanket, then zip-tie it to the frame.

Tennis Ball to Remove Oils

Oils of various kinds, including body oil, leftovers from shampoo and other hair products, and cosmetics are some of the most frequent water pollutants in swimming pools. These oils accumulate if your water hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Just throw a few tennis balls into the water and watch them float around. Tennis balls will eventually merely need to be removed when they appear unclean because they will eventually absorb all of the water’s oils.

Shiny Pool Tiles with Baking Soda

Cleaning the area around your pool is also necessary to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the water. To avoid having unclean water in your pool, the tiles around it must be completely cleaned. Baking soda and a little bit of water can be combined to generate a paste that can be used as a cheap cleaning for pool tile surfaces. You clean the tiles surrounding the pool by applying some of the baking soda paste to a brush or sponge.

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