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Residential Pool Service Can Restore Your Green Pool Back to Crystal Clear Water

Top Causes of Turning Your Pool Green

A green pool is unclean. This kind of pool is mostly found in home pools that need residential pool service. The presence of algae or bacterial growth in green pool water indicates that there is insufficient chlorine present to completely eradicate the microorganisms. In addition to increasing repair costs and making your pool ugly, a green pool can stain liner materials and clog filters. Here are a few of the most frequent reasons why pools turn green.

Heavy Rainfall

Contrary to popular belief, rain may not always fill your pool with clear, clean water. In addition to dilution of the treated pool water, rain can wash undesired chemicals, bacteria, and debris into your pool when it falls or flows into it. Ample precipitation can hasten the loss of chlorine in your pool and introduce microorganisms into unprotected water. The drainage from the neighborhood that enters your pool makes this especially true.

Low Level of Chlorine

Numerous factors can cause the pool’s chlorine level to decrease. Excessive sunlight, significant rainfall, or heavy usage in a short time are some of the most frequent causes of low chlorine levels in a pool. If the chlorine level is too low for an extended period, bacteria and algae will begin to bloom and color the pool green.

Filter System is Clogged

Even if your pool system is operating continuously, it won’t be able to accomplish anything if it is clogged. Checking to see if your pump basket is full or if your filter pressure is high will help you determine if this is the case. You can also see if anything has changed by keeping an eye on the return jet inside the pool to see if it has become considerably weaker. The permissible filter pressure varies depending on the pool, but as a general rule, anything under 20 psi is OK. A filter pressure of 20 psi or more would suggest that the filter’s inside is unclean and impeding flow. Additionally, this overworks your pump and accelerates component wear.

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