Residential Pool Service Tips

Pool Maintenance Tips

Here are some residential pool service maintenance tips you need to try. Whether you have opened your pool for the first time or have been a proud owner of one for years, check out these handy tips to kick your summer season off with the right start.

Think Of The Filter As Your Pool’s Kidneys

Just as your kidneys are working to remove all the impurities from your body, your pool’s filter is the thing that is responsible for removing pollutants from the water. Think along the lines of leaves, dirt, and even small toys. Most of the time, a swimming pool can be cleaned by turning the filter off, removing the filter cap found on the pool deck, removing the filter basket, and clearing debris before replacing everything. It is best to clean your filter basket at least once every week.

Pools Need Consistent Chemical Levels

Chemical levels are essential for pool maintenance. That is because improperly balanced water looks murky, can irritate your skin and eyes, and result in a pool becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Ideally, you need to test the water at least once every week.

Chemicals Costing Too Much? Give Baking Soda A Try

There is no denying that pool chemicals are expensive, so why not get some help straight from your local grocery store? Many pool stores recommend sodium bicarbonate for controlling the alkalinity without significantly reducing the PH levels. They will try to sell you expensive solutions for you to get the job done. However, as it turns out, everyday regular baking soda will do the same task for a fraction of the price.

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