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Residential Pool Service: Understanding the Components of Your Swimming Pool

Recognizing Your Swimming Pool’s Features

How well-versed are you in the components of your pool? If you handle that enormous body of water in your yard yourself, even part-time, you ought to be aware of some of its inner workings. Identify some of the primary parts of your swimming pool equipment to make them less mysterious so that, at the very least, when a residential pool service specialist is describing anything, you won’t have a hazy or distant look in your eyes when they use phrases like surface skimmer and filtration system. To learn more about some of the components of your pool, keep reading.

Pumps and Motors

The pool pump uses the engine to extract water from a pool or spa and somehow return it to the pool or spa. This is how your pool’s water is kept circulating. Learn how it occurs and why it is essential to your pool.


Skimmers, which assist in collecting debris, are often seen in household pools. The pool’s upper interior wall is where the skimmers are positioned. As they “skim” away the material that floats on the water’s surface, they are a component of the cleaning system. In their mission to maintain the pool immaculately clean, skimmers snare whatever they can find, including hair, bugs, leaves, and flower petals. Discover a skimmer’s many uses and the additional trash categories it can hold.


Skimmers and weirs are each other’s best pals, and you seldom see them apart. So what exactly are weirs? These are that little floating “thingy” within the door or the skimmer that the water passes over or through. The protective system for keeping the pool clean includes weirs. Learn more about them and why skimmers are their close friends.


In the absence of coping, the steel protruding from the pool’s sides would be visible, and water may enter the space beneath the pool shell. Coping is only the pool’s edge cap. It may be constructed from concrete, tile, stone, pavers, and other materials, and it can provide accents to the pool’s edge. Learn the pool coping’s further uses.

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