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If you are a resort owner and you found that your swimming pool is slowly deteriorating, then you need to take advantage of a commercial swimming pool service today. A swimming pool is one of the primary attractions of your resort so it is best to keep it in optimal condition. You don’t need to wait for your pool to become dilapidated for you to take action. Even minor issues need to be repaired right away. Remember that no tourist or customer would want to bathe in a dirty and unmaintained pool. Here at JFS Pool & Spa Service, we have cleaning services to make your pool Instagram-worthy. Hurry! Our experts in Los Angeles, CA are just waiting for your calls.

Residential Pool Service in Los Angeles,CA,90016

Residential Pool Service in Los Angeles,CA,90016


Pool cleaning takes a lot of work and your hectic schedule may be hampering you from tending to it. Swimming pools must be sanitized often and have their chemical levels tested. The infiltration system should also be maintained. The upkeep of a commercial pool is difficult since it is for public use, though.

So we have a commercial swimming pool service that is specifically designed to help business owners in maintaining the pristine condition of their pool all year round. More importantly, the safety of the public is ensured when a commercial pool service is employed.


We have a team of qualified professionals who have wide knowledge and adequate experience in professional cleaning services. We also have professional-grade equipment and tools to aid them in your pool’s upkeep. Our services are also done in a timely fashion and our cleaning professionals work round the clock to address the problem areas in your pool anytime. Just call us for a 24/7 emergency service!

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JFS Pool & Spa Service in Los Angeles, CA is a reputable cleaning company you can ask for assistance for your pool needs. Guaranteed that our services adhere to your preferences. So what are you waiting for? Dial (310) 693-5551 and book our commercial swimming pool service today!

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