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Our Quality Pool Maintenance Starts With Swimming Pool Inspections

JFS Pool & Spa Service offers a variety of exceptional pool maintenance services to our clients in Los Angeles, CA. Some of them are our quality swimming pool inspections. We have over 15 years of experience in our field of work, provide a 24/7 emergency service, affordable prices, and discounts on pool equipment repair. We are licensed, insured, and certified.

Swimming Pool Repair Service in Los Angeles,CA,90016

Swimming Pool Repair Service in Los Angeles,CA,90016

Here’s what our swimming pool inspections involve:

Pool Safety

The types of safety aspects pool we may check for include ensuring that electrical wires are far away from the pool and walkways around the pool do not pose a hazard for slips and falls. We will also check fencing and latches. If any are present, we will make sure they are functioning properly so that nobody will accidentally end up in the pool, who shouldn’t be there. Fencing should be of a certain height to prevent kids from getting in unexpectedly, and the design should be challenging for little ones to climb over.

Pool Interior

Some pools have vinyl liners inside of them, helping contain the water inside the pool and making sure it doesn’t seep out. A tear in the lining may call for a costly repair. Other pools are finished with plaster. We will check the plaster to make sure no cracks are present, which could lead to a serious issue in the future. Some cracking, however, is normal. We will also inspect the functional or decorative tiling in the pool.

Pool Lighting

Many pools have lighting inside the pool. We make sure that these are functioning well. We will check for condensation inside pool lighting fixtures, which can lead to issues with mold or mildew.

Tile & Decking Around Pool

The deck of your pool sees a lot of action. Swimming is sure fun, but so is lounging by the pool. The edge of a pool is subject to inspection. We will check out the “coping,” which is the area directly around the pool. It is usually 12-18 inches wide and made of some hard material like concrete, brick, or natural stone. Chips in it can lead to tripping hazards or debris in the pool. The deck is a hard surface beyond the coping. We inspect it for damage and stains, just like the rest of the pool area. We check for proper drainage for rainfall and tilts or pitches in the decking.

Pool Pumps

The pumps are essential pieces of pool equipment. They circulate water around other devices, like filters and heaters, to keep the water clean and warm. We check whether the pump is working, properly secured and if the wiring is solid.

Pool Filter

Pool filters clean and sanitize your water. We make sure the filter is firmly in place and all the valves that lead to the filter function properly.

Pool Heater

We may assess if the heater is the right size for your pool and verify that it is working.

Pool Accessories

Some pools have accessories like a diving board, infinity edge, or fountain. Some of them are useful for cleanliness and maintenance, like a pool cover. We usually check such items to minimize surprises in the future. We check for rust or deterioration leading to sharp edges that can cause injuries.

Automation & Remote Control Function

Some modern pools have automation and remote control features. We will test these features to check if they are working.

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