Swimming Pool Repair or Leave It: Lifespan of a Pool Determinants

Pool Lifespan Determining Factors

An above-ground pool has a 7–15-year lifespan on average. The type of pool, installation technique, maintenance history, location, and system mechanics all play a role in how long an above-ground pool will endure. Inadequate installation or installation of the pool in an unusually moist area would result in corrosion of the pool’s body and premature deterioration of the structure, which are key factors that would negatively affect life expectancy. You can decide if it just requires a swimming pool repair or if you should leave it alone this way. The life of your pool will be affected by the following variables.

Pool’s Location

The geographical location also has an impact on the lifespan of your pool. Will your pool be open all year or will it be closed for the winter? If it is not properly winterized, it may result in fractured pipes, hoses, or equipment. It may also result in frozen pool water, which may potentially weaken the construction of your pool if it is not properly drained. (This is why a pool is partially drained when closed; when the water freezes in the winter, it has somewhere to go and doesn’t put too much strain on the pool’s structure).


How effectively a pool is maintained is one of the primary elements that will affect how long it lasts. Has the pool been maintained and repaired regularly? Has the pool’s cleanliness been maintained and have the chemical levels been checked? Because there are fewer potential problems, simpler pools frequently last the longest, regardless of kind or finish. In general, products that have fewer moving parts are less likely to break. To keep things straightforward, chlorinated pools often last longer just because they do not require a salt generator and are simpler to repair, test, and maintain.

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