Swimming Pool Repair Tips for Leaks

Finding a Swimming Pool Leak

During the summer, pools tend to lose water to evaporation and splash-outs due to heavy traffic and jumps. This is why finding a leak may be challenging and you may not even know that you need a swimming pool repair service. Here are the steps to take to determine if your pool is leaking.

The Bucket Test

For this test, you will need about a 5-gallon bucket and a heavy-duty, waterproof marker. All you need to do is place the bucket on the second step of your pool and fill it with water until it matches the water level. Mark the water level inside the bucket, turn off the pump and wait 24 hours.

If both, the water level in the pool and the bucket are equally down, it’s just evaporation. However, if the water level in the pool is lower than the one in the bucket, your pool is most likely leaking.

Testing with the Pump On

The bucket test needs to be repeated with the pump on regardless of the result. If there was a major lift with the pump off but not a significant leak with the pump on, this will help you determine the place of the leak.

However, if the pump was off and there was no leak but there is one when the pump was one, this means that you’re dealing with a pressure-side return leak meaning that the leak is located in the piping on the other side of the pump.

At this point, you can start looking for signs of a pressure side leak. You’d need to check the backwash or waste line for any continuous drips.

Whether you’ve performed the bucket test or not, if you have any doubts that you have a pool leak, contacting a professional is always a good idea. We at JFS Pool & Spa Service specialize in swimming pool repair services and if you are in or around the Los Angeles, CA area, know you can reach us at (310) 693-5551!

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