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Swimming Pool Repair Tips

Easy Steps to Repair Your Swimming Pool Stairs

Recently, the Covid-19 stay-at-home order has made people across the country pursue overdue home improvements. From constructing a garden to building an outdoor bar, they use the time to complete projects that include swimming pool repair.

To that end, a crack in your pool stairs is the first and most affordable issue a pool owner can do, even if they lack the experience! So, follow these manageable steps to fix your swimming pool stairs!

Drain Pool Water

Attach the end of your hose to the pool’s drain outlet, then drain the water somewhere that will not destroy any pre-existing structures. Once done, open the drain valve, and turn on the filter. Once the water level has exposed the crack, close the drain valve and switch the filter off.

Clean And Dry the Pool Stairs

The stairs and cracks must be clean, dry, and free of debris and chlorine particles.

Locate the Crack

Locate the crack and mark it with a pencil.

Apply Surface Primer And Bonding Filler

Generously apply primer to the crack and leave it to dry. Once dry, add some bonding filler with pressure and ensure it overlaps the sides. Keep it smooth every time you do a pass. You must leave it to completely dry out before moving to the next step.

Administer Epoxy

Instructions for applying the Epoxy you bought will be on the back of the box. Follow the instructions, and once you have applied a decent layer of it, gently sand to remove any imperfections. Once dried, paint as usual.

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