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The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Maintenance

Preventing Algae Growth on Pools

Wondering why your pool water isn’t as sparkling as it should be? Algae could be the party crasher. Not only can algae make your pool look unappealing, but it can also create an unsanitary swimming environment. Fear not, we have your go-to pool maintenance guide for stalling algae growth in your pool.

Why Pool Chemistry Matters

A balanced pool is a happy pool. And in this case, happiness equates to a water chemistry that resists algae. Bear in mind that your pool stays algae-free when you maintain these within the recommended ranges.

Frequency of Filtration

Filtration goes beyond removing visible debris; it helps dislodge algae spores. Regular filtration can prevent a greenish tinge on your pool’s surface. While the amount of filtration varies by pool size and usage, running the pool filter at least 8 hours a day is generally beneficial.

Keeping Pool Surfaces Clean

The steps, ladders, and walls of your pool can become breeding grounds for algae if neglected. Brushing these areas at least once a week removes algae spores and prevents their spread. Don’t overlook this simple, but effective, method to maintain a crystal-clear pool.

Pool Cover Conundrum

Although pool covers can keep out debris, they can also lock in humidity and create a perfect environment for algae. Make sure to remove the cover at least once a week to let the pool breathe. In addition, ensure the cover itself is clean to avoid introducing algae into the pool.

Sanitization: Not Just Chlorine

While chlorine is the most popular pool sanitizing agent, it’s not the only one. From time to time, consider using algaecides or pool shock treatments for added protection against algae. These products are specifically designed to kill algae. You can incorporate it into your routine maintenance.

So why wait? Apply these best practices today and bask in the glory of your algae-free pool tomorrow. If you need help, JFS Pool & Spa Service is here. We offer seamless pool maintenance services in Los Angeles, CA. For inquiries, call (310) 693-5551!

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