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Three Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Healthy Pool

Perfect Method to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Pool

Are you looking for a few pool cleaning tips from the pros? Look no further. Here are 3 pool maintenance and cleaning tips for keeping your pool looking clean and healthy.

Skim Debris from the Pool Surface

Skimming the surface of your pool is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to keep your pool clean. Floating debris such as leaves, bugs, pollen, etc. generally floats for 3-4 hours before sinking to the bottom. Once it sinks it’s harder to remove. Plus, it brings with it all the nutrients necessary for algae to thrive. The longer it remains in your pool, the more it decomposes – and the more it depletes the pool’s free chlorine.

Clean the Pool Regularly

Lean your pool at least once a week. First of all, brush the pool walls, tile lines, steps, and ladders. Brushing the walls and surfaces minimizes the build-up of algae and mineral deposits that can lead to cloudy pool water. Think of this the same way you think of brushing your teeth. For plaster or concrete pools, use a stiff brush; for tiles, fiberglass, or vinyl, use a soft brush.

Shock the Pool

Depending on how heavily your pool has been used, ammonia and nitrogen compounds will build up in the water. These interact with the chlorine to form chloramines– leading to cloudy water and/or that familiar smelly “chlorine” odor. Shocking the water once a week by adding a large dose of chlorine eliminates not only the chloramines but also bacteria and other contaminants, and will help prevent potential future problems including algae growth.

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