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Types of Pool Cleaning Systems Used in Pool Cleaning Service

Pool Cleaning Gone Perfect

A pool cleaner works in addition to whatever circulating water filtration system your pool has to help remove adhering debris and algae that aren’t caught by the built-in system. The only means of maintaining clean water in pools without circulating pumps, such as smaller above-ground systems. And in most cases, this entails investing in a pool vacuum cleaner or other equipment. If you want to avoid paying a lot of money, think about hiring a pool cleaning service. The various alternatives, ranging from basic manual brushes to strong automation systems, are listed below.

Manual Brushing

With brushes and skimming nets fastened to a telescopic pole, dirt, stains, and even green and yellowish algae can be removed traditionally. You can reach the deepest portions of the pool to remove stains and algae from the edges and bottom of it. After that, you can use a skimming net to catch any floating debris.

Handled Pool Vacuum

Performs quite similarly to a home vacuum. They are standalone devices with bristle and suction heads, an integrated filter, a chamber for collecting trash, and a long handle. There are battery-operated and plug-in models available. Similar to how you vacuum your home’s floor, the operator moves the bristle-equipped suction head around the pool’s side and bottom surfaces.

Pressure Pool Vacuum

These cleaners often referred to as “pressure-side cleaners” work similarly to suction-side vacuums and are powered by the pool’s filtration pump. However, because it has a separate filter bag, this type doesn’t contribute to the load on the pool’s filter.

In-Floor Vacuum System

There are in-floor automatic vacuum systems that are added during construction in many of the more opulent in-ground swimming pools. The return line of the filter system is connected to jets that are installed into the pool’s bottom.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Which do not add additional strain to the pool’s filtration and are powered separately from the circulation system. They have motors that are used to filter the water and move the device around the pool. The majority of these machines are strong enough to climb walls and clean them.

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