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When Is the Right Time to Call a Pool Cleaning Service?

A Disgusting Pool? Leave It to the Expert Pool Cleaners!

A pool is a wonderful improvement to any home. It necessitates ongoing maintenance, including testing the pool’s pH, skimming off leaves or other debris, removing ground sediment, and keeping the filter in good working order. The typical warning signs that indicate your pool is not safe for swimming are listed below. If your swimming pool exhibits any of these symptoms, consult a pool cleaning service contractor for a detailed, step-by-step procedure to thoroughly clean it.

Foam or Bubbles

Observe any bubbles growing on the pool’s surface. Do you notice foam accumulating along the water’s edge? If your swimming pool has persistent bubbles or foam, the cause may be a clogged filter, bacterial growth, or even pollutants in the water, such as sunscreen. Once more, water chemistry needs to be examined because bubbles suggest a possible pH imbalance.

Insects in Pool

Although you didn’t ask the neighborhood bugs to swim in your pool, unwelcome creatures like germs and pests can take over when the water is not balanced and there is a buildup of debris (algae, etc.). Professional pool cleaning is required, and frequent water chemistry checks are advised.

Discolored Water

The most obvious indication that your pool needs a comprehensive cleaning is water that has a hint of green. Typically, algae blooms are what causes the green. A clue that your pool is dangerous for swimming is when algae turn the water brown or yellow. Not that the water is mud-brown or slime-green, but even a slight stain requires thorough cleaning before the pollutant damages the pool’s equipment. A chemical imbalance, insufficient sunlight, a lot of rain, a filter issue, or a lack of sunlight can all cause cloudy pool water.

Itchy Skin and Eye Irritation

There may be too much chlorine in your pool, or it may have pollutants like sweat, grime, or even sunscreen. The water in your pool should feel comfortable; if it doesn’t, it has to be checked.

These are the signs to clean your pool in Los Angeles, CA. If you are looking for a professional pool cleaning service provider, know that you can always count on JFS Pool & Spa Service. Know more about the services we provide by calling us at (310) 693-5551.

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