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Why You Should Keep Hiring Pool Cleaning Service During the Winter

Why You Should Continue Pool Cleaning Services During Winter Months

During the winter, most commercial pools close, and residential pools typically see less usage. To ensure a smooth transition to spring, it’s crucial to keep using a pool cleaning service for routine pool maintenance throughout that season. Winter can be a great time to determine if any maintenance or repair issues need to be taken care of. This article will provide advice on winter pool maintenance to keep yours in top condition.

How to Winterize Your Pool

Remove Accessories

Remove any removable ladders and handrails and store them in a secure location. Take away any toys, floats, inflatable chairs, and the like. These things not only get in the way if you decide to cover your pool, but they can also collect rainwater and turn into an ideal mosquito and other pest breeding grounds.

Choose the Right Pool Cover

Over the winter, pool covers keep debris out of the water. Regular tarp covers will prevent organic matter from entering the pool and block sunlight, which can promote algae growth. Many people use a safety cover that resembles a trampoline for added protection.

Continue to Monitor Your Pool Water Level

Every pool owner pays close attention to the water level during the summer due to high pool usage, pool water splashing out, and increased evaporation in the heat. Even though there will be less rain and more dry weather in the winter, the water level should still be checked. Maintaining the proper water level is essential for efficiently operating your pool’s filtration system and pump.

Keep the Pool Pump Running

Many people feel the need to reduce the hours their filtration system runs each day when a pool is not regularly used. After all, running the system requires electricity, which is a monthly expense, and many pool owners want to benefit from the lower cost in the winter. The pool pump should be run for at least six hours each day, in any case. This keeps everything circulating and helps clear the water of debris.

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