Common Questions About Our Quality Pool Maintenance Services

JFS Pool & Spa Service can be your reliable partner in keeping your swimming pool clean and safe at all times. Don’t hesitate to call us for any inquiries and questions that you have about our company, services, and rates. You may also find the answers to the frequent questions that we get from clients below!

What areas can you cater to?

We are based in Los Angeles, CA. We can cater to those in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. Whenever you need us in the areas that we serve, know that we are only a phone call away!

When did you start providing your services?

We’ve been a go-to provider of quality pool maintenance services in the area since 2003. We’re known for our efficient services and excellent customer service. We aren’t only highly experienced for the job, but we’re also equipped with cutting-edge tools. Rest assured that any potential damage to your pool equipment will be identified right away. We can guarantee that an accurate and long-lasting pool equipment repair will always be provided to you.

Do you provide same-day service?

Yes, we do offer an efficient and hassle-free same-day pool cleaning service. Whenever you need us between our business hours — 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, from Mondays to Saturdays — know that we’re just a phone call away!

Do you charge for estimates?

No, our reliable estimates are totally free of charge. All you have to do is call to know the possible cost of the residential pool service that you are trying to avail of. But there’s really no reason to fret as we provide some of the best rates in Los Angeles, CA.

How about estimates?

We currently offer 15% off of our pool equipment repair services. But this discount offer isn’t here to last so grab it now while it’s available.

How often should my pool be professionally cleaned?

We highly recommend that you have your pool professionally cleaned at least once a week. But of course, the frequency of the pool cleaning depends on the usage of your pool, its size, and some other factors. Turn to us to get reliable insights on how to keep your pool clean at all times.

How will I know that my pool equipment is damaged?

Identifying damage to your pool equipment can be challenging. You might not be able to see cracks on your pool filter but there are some other signs that will tell you it’s time for a swimming pool repair service. Rumbling sounds can be caused by an excessively-vibrating pump; while grinding or screeching noises could mean your pump needs new bearings. Whenever you notice unusual sounds on your pool equipment, take the time to have it checked by your trusted pool contractor right away!

Do you have other questions about the swimming pool service that we offer? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us now! You can call us at (310) 693-5551 for further inquiries about our great offers or book the high-quality services that JFS Pool & Spa Service has to offer!

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